Do I have to connect/pay a special tax if I own undeveloped property in the area?
No, not initially. Undeveloped properties which do not contain habitable dwellings or water-accessing structures are not included in the proposed water line development, nor would they be taxed for public water line construction. However, those developing properties in the future (within the designated water line expansion district) would pay up-front water connection costs and service charges at whatever rates exist at that time. Additionally, back-taxes for the water-line would be assessed up-front to cover the gap between the time the special tax district was initiated to the time of the new connection to catch-up to the regular 20 year taxation schedule.

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1. How exactly would an expanded water line project be funded?
2. When would water line taxes be due?
3. How many land owners need to commit to water line expansion for the project to move forward in the Evington area?
4. Would everyone in the proposed water line expansion area have to pay a special tax to cover water-line construction costs?
5. Would I have to connect if enough property owners chose to opt-in on the project?
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9. Do I have to connect/pay a special tax if I own undeveloped property in the area?
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11. Do I have to stop using my well if I connect to a public water line?
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