AEP Smith Mountain Project Information

Smith Mountain Project is a two-reservoir hydroelectric generation project operated by Appalachian Power and located near Roanoke, Virginia.

Broadband Information

Learn about broadband service in Campbell County as well as the Region 2000 Study.

Campbell County Calendar

Access calendars to view upcoming events.

Campbell County News

Read current news and announcements.

EMS Billing Updates

Stay updated on the changes to EMS billing.

Emergency Preparedness

Learn what to do in a variety of emergency situations.

Employment Opportunities

Browse current employment opportunities.

Parks & Facilities

Check out area parks, facilities, and a list of their amenities.

Fresh Water Resources for Citizens

Due to weather conditions, geography and various other natural and man-made occurrences, ground water levels in any area of the United States may become low. The following information has been compiled to assist those in need of identifying alternate fresh water options.

Guide to Campbell County

Download and print the Guide to Campbell County.

Roadside Gardens

In 2012, the Campbell County Board of Supervisors approved a countywide initiative to allow individuals and businesses a mechanism to sponsor and develop gardens in VDOT right-of-ways.

Special Entertainment & Event Permits

Citizens or groups wishing to conduct a special event in Campbell County (for an activity with an anticipated attendance of over 250 people) must complete and submit a special event/special entertainment application in hard copy (and electronic/email format, if possible); an event site plan may also be required if indicated by local health and safety officials.

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension website.