GIS and 911 Addressing

What is GIS (Geographic Information Systems)?

GIS is a sophisticated computer system that links geographic information (where things are located) with descriptive information (what things are like). 

Layers of GIS information can be viewed and analyzed individually or in relation to the geographic locations of other layers. 

 GIS enables the visualization of relationships between and among sets of data that could not otherwise easily be seen or understood without the aid of this technology.

GIS and Campbell County

Campbell County offices use GIS as a common, standard platform for distributing geographic information about real estate, zoning, transportation, addressing, emergency services, utilities, topography, voting precincts, and the environment. 

Information can then be used by each department for activities such as 911 dispatching, emergency planning and response, comprehensive planning, economic development, and environmental monitoring.

GIS Available on the Internet

Campbell County provides access to GIS data online on the GIS Maps page.

GIS Data Download

GIS data can be downloaded from the internet.

Who uses the 911 address?

The Addressing Office assigns and maintains 911 addresses utilized primarily for mail delivery, 911 response, and voter registration. Accurate 911 addresses are essential for emergency responders to be able to locate you during an emergency.

When and how are 911 addresses assigned?

Campbell County converted from route and box numbers to a 911 addressing system in the 1990s. At that time, all buildings were assigned a 911 address, with a street name and building number.

As new buildings are constructed, 911 addresses are assigned after the driveway is in place, the Building Inspections Department has approved the structure’s footings, and the driveway and structure have been GPS located. If a driveway or street must be named, the new street name must be approved before an address can be assigned.

Addresses are determined based on the location of the building and driveway. A mathematical equation is used to provide consistency in addressing.

County Codes Related to 911 Addressing

Campbell County Code – Chapter 5 
(See Article III, Section 5-14 through 5-22: Street naming, signing, and structure numbering)