What would I have to pay now and in the future if the water-line project is approved?
It is estimated that owners of developed properties would have an up-front cost of approximately $5,000 to connect to the water line. This would include:
- Availability fee - $1,900
- Connection fee - $1,500
- Account establishment fee - $50
- A private plumbing service to connect a home/structure’s water system to the public line - approximately $500 - $1,000

On average a family of three (3) pays approximately $550 in water usage rates each year. Above that, for water line construction with fire protection, the long-term expense would be approximately $21,500 per property, which would be paid via a 20 year district tax (the yearly water line tax is estimated to range from $1,000 - $1,200 per year per developed land plot). All of these expenses would be in addition to the initial set-up and connection costs listed above. CCUSA rates/fees can be found by visitingthe CCSUA website.

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