2016 Sign Ordinance

In June 2015 the Supreme Court decided in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona that municipalities cannot discriminate based upon the content of signs. To comply with this decision, Campbell County adopted a new sign ordinance on July 5, 2016. Where before we regulated “advertising signage,” we now must regulate all signage. A sign is now defined as:

Any device designed to communicate ideas or information and visible to persons in a public area.

This includes every sign on the property, big or small (but exempting flags and temporary signs).

Read the 2016 Sign Ordinance (PDF) for specific details, including signs that require permits.

Applications for Signage on Properties under Development

Please see the Sign Ordinance for specific requirements and total allowable sign area for the zoning district in which the property is located.

Use the general Building and Zoning Permit Application and include two complete sets of plans for those signs requiring permits. Also include a list of ALL signs proposed for the property, whether or not zoning permits are required, so that staff can review the total aggregate sign area proposed. Include the area for each sign and ensure the maximum allowable area is not exceeded. 

Applications for New Signage on Developed Properties

Use the general Building and Zoning Permit Application and include two complete sets of plans for those signs requiring permits.

In order to ensure that a new sign will not increase the total signage area over the maximum allowable, we must now require a survey of existing signage on a property, to determine a total, before allowing any additional signage. To arrive at a total, a list of all existing signage on the property, and the area of each sign, should be submitted. Signs that do not require a zoning permit (§22-17.8) should be noted but not calculated.

To expedite an application, the information provided should be correct and easy to substantiate. Photographs are not required but would help staff avoid having to review the information on site.
Proposed Template for Survey Submittal
SignList for website