Plats / Record A Plat

All new plats, including resurveys, subdivisions, lot line vacations, deeds of vacation, and easements, must be reviewed by a Planning or Zoning official before they are recorded at the County Clerk’s office.

Review Fees

Resurveys, lot line vacations, boundary adjustments, and most easement plats require a review fee of $25. The review fee for single-lot division plats is $35. Review fees for multiple-lot subdivision plats are $75 plus $10 for each lot.

Submittal Requirements 

Residential Subdivision (3 – 30 lots)

  • 16 plats

Residential Subdivision (31 lots or more)

  • 21 plats (16 packets plus 5 for PEC)
  • PEC Application
  • $200 fee