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Campbell County Landfill Background:

The Campbell County landfill (consisting of 159 acres), was permitted in 1979 and operated at the site of the present Region 2000 Services Authority landfill. Phase III (the present phase being filled) was opened in 1995. The County landfill was projected to meet the locality's needs and operate until approximately 2045 within the footprint in which the regional landfill now operates. The County landfill operation including Phase III and the permitted Phase IV (representing 2.8 million cubic yards of capacity) was transferred to the Regional Landfill (Region 2000 Services Authority) in 2008. Click HERE to view the Regional Landfill Member Service Agreement.

The Regional Service Authority consists of Lynchburg, Nelson, Appomattox and Campbell. Only Lynchburg and Campbell brought landfill capacity to the regional initiative. The Region began by filling the remaining landfill space in Lynchburg (located at Concord Turnpike). When that facility was at capacity, the Regional Services Authority moved back to the Campbell County location in 2012. During the period of time when trash was being hauled to Lynchburg and the Campbell facility was temporarily dormant, a residential subdivision was constructed nearby.

Since 2012, the region’s waste stream has been taken at the Livestock Road facility in Campbell County. The existing capacity of the facility was projected to last until 2022. The Services Authority thus sought a permit to infill between the already permitted Phases III and IV such that the life of the facility would be extended into approximately 2029. This is what has come to be called the lateral expansion.