Family Assessment Response

Reports may be considered for a Family Assessment Response when there are no immediate child safety concerns and/or the report is not required by law to be investigated such as:
  • Minor physical injury
  • Injuries suggesting inattention to child’s safety
  • Lack of supervision
  • Minimal needs for food, clothing, shelter, hygiene are consistently met
  • Untreated physical injuries, illnesses, or impairments
  • Emotional neglect/abuse
  • Substance exposed newborns
The goals of a Family Assessment Response are the same as for the CPS program: the protection of children; preservation of families, when possible; and prevention of maltreatment.

The Family Assessment Response shifts CPS intervention from an incident focus to a service delivery focus that supports parents in meeting their children’s safety and developmental needs. The CPS worker collaborates with the family in identifying family strengths, stressors, and other factors like to precipitate abuse or neglect. Family assessment provides the basis for a child safety plan and for an individualized family service plan.

The family assessment is completed within 45-60 days from the date the report of suspected abuse or neglect was received. No finding of abuse or neglect is made and no information is placed in the Virginia Department of Social Services, Central Registry of Founded Child Abuse and Neglect.