Public Safety

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  1. About the Department

    Get to know more about the Public Safety Department including the 5 divisions it consists of and the enhanced 9-1-1 communications system.

  2. Animal Control

    Find contact information for the animal control department and learn how you can adopt an animal and what to do about trespassing animals.

  3. CodeRED Emergency Alert System

    Learn about and sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Alert System used by the Campbell County Department Public Safety.

  4. Committees & Commissions

    Learn about meeting times and find agendas for the Public Safety Committee, Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee, and the Fire Advisory Committee.

  5. Communications Division

    The Communications Division provides local dispatch support for the following branches of career and volunteer services: Animal Control, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire, and Law Enforcement.

  6. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    The Campbell County Department of Public Safety Emergency Medical Services (EMS) division coordinates and supports the efforts of the Campbell County volunteer rescue squads with training opportunities, logistical support and coordination of EMS revenue recovery.

  7. EMS Billing Information

    Learn about the billing criteria and current rates for EMS Transportation.

  8. Emergency Preparedness

    Our department has provided a plethora of resources to help convey preparedness measures and recommended actions in the event of local, regional or national emergencies.

  9. Fire Division

    The Campbell County Department of Public Safety Fire Division coordinates and supports the efforts of the Campbell County volunteer fire departments with training opportunities and logistical support.

  10. Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteers are consistently needed to serve in the organizations that make up the public safety system. While it is understood that not everyone may be interested in performing the duties associated with emergency operations, volunteers are also needed for support and administrative roles as well.

  11. Volunteer Portal

    This page is designated as a communication resource for local EMS, Fire and Animal Control volunteers and members of the Public Safety community.