Kevin Schmitt

Field Operations Division
Title: Field Operations Division Captain
Phone: 434-332-9580
Kevin Schmitt

Kevin Schmitt was hired as a deputy to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office in February of 1987.

In 1989 The Sheriff’s Office form the Special Response Team (SRT) and Kevin was appointed as one of the first members. Since that time Kevin has been involved in over 98% of all SRT calls for the Sheriff’s Office. He is a three time recipient of the Sheriff’s Office Distinguished Service Medal for situations involving tactical and field operations.

In 1995 Kevin was promoted to Sergeant and in 1998 he was appointed as Team Leader of the S.R.T. In November of 2003 He was promoted to Lieutenant and in January of 2004 he was appointed to Captain and now serves as the Commander of the Field and Special Operations which includes the Law Enforcement Division, Special Response Team, Traffic Unit, K-9 unit and the County Code enforcement officer.

Kevin is the lead firearms instructor for the Sheriff’s Office and oversees the training of all of the department’s deputies in all firearms and less lethal options. He developed the Sheriff’s Office reality based training where it is stressed not only to survive potential lethal encounters but to win them. He is a Range Master for the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy. He is a Tactical Handgun and a Select Fire Rifle Instructor through the NRA and has received advanced training in responding to terrorist bombings from New Mexico Tech. Kevin also studies in mixed martial arts and has implemented parts of what he has learned into a practical part of the Sheriff’s Office defensive tactics training program. He also attended the University of Virginia and Liberty University. 

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