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Be Campbell! Tell Us What Being A Campbell County Employee Means to You!

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  2. What Does Being "Campbell" Mean to You?

    Tell us about YOU!  We want to hear about your perspective, experiences and what it means to be a part of the Campbell County community.  By sharing your positive observations, experiences, photos, hobbies and interests, you can help us convey to others the essence of growing, living and working in this remarkable and inviting community.  Selected quotes may be shared on digital outlets in conjunction with our "Be Campbell" photos and messaging. 

  3. Share with us your history within Campbell County.  

    For example; what (or who) inspired you to begin a career as a public servant, are you in the same position you were hired for, are there some professional successes (or challenges) you've had that you are grateful for, and lastly, tell us something about your professional development journey.

  4. What makes you proud to be a part of the Campbell County organization?  What sets Campbell County apart from other localities?

  5. What is an important lesson you've learned during your career; what do you think is the most vital skill a public servant must have?

  6. What's your favorite memory here in Campbell County? Describe an experience, opportunity or encounter - either personal or professional - that has had a lasting impact on you and shaped your life or service career.

  7. Tell us a bit about your personal life/family - beyond the 40. How did you meet your significant other, what is something surprising about you, and what hobbies and/or pastimes do you enjoy?

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