Funding & Loan Services for Water Well Replacement

Some area banks offer attractive loan packages for repairing or replacing wells. Ask your local bank's loan officer if special rates are available for well-related home improvements.

For additional information on services and support programs offered in the Central Virginia area, please contact Mike Daly.

Potential Funding Sources for Water Well Restoration
There are also programs available to assist those who qualify (within established low-income financial thresholds) with the costs of repairing/replacing well units.


The Southeast Rural Community Assistance Program (SERCAP) offers low interest (1%) loans up to $11,000 toward the repair of an existing water well or the installation of a new well.

These loans are established on 5 to 10 year terms.

There is an application process, depending upon the loan being requested, and a small upfront cost of $25.00 for a credit report.

The following SERCAP applications are available online:
Additional information can be accessed by contacting the SERCAP Administrative offices:
Southeast Rural Community Assistance Program (SERCAP)
347 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

Phone: 540-345-1184 ext. 139

Additional Resources
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