Administrative Services Division

This Division is divided into three functional areas. The Administrative Division is commanded by a Captain with three Administrative Lieutenants assisting.

Courtroom Security / Courthouse Security / Prisoner Transportation / Concealed Weapon Permits / Project Lifesaver

Led by Lt. Tom Fairchild

This function is responsible for:

  • Providing bailiffs to the court
  • Moving prisoners to and from the courts
  • Operating metal detectors and other security devices as required
  • Being present in court at all times when courts are in session
  • Ensuring that a full-time deputy is placed at the courthouse entrance to scan all individuals entering for weapons and other items not allowed in the courthouse
  • Transporting committed persons to mental facilities from the local hospitals
  • Handling extraditions of prisoners to Campbell County
  • Maintaining the Project Lifesaver Program and providing training to Sheriff’s Office employees on the correct operation of the equipment

Concealed weapon permit applications must be investigated per the Code of Virginia. This function handles all the investigation and subsequent paperwork for the applicants as required to meet this Code. 

Administrative Services Division

Court Services Divisions 2019

Civil Process / Accreditation / Applicant Background Investigations

Led by Lt. Gerald Lacy

This function is responsible for:

  • processing and serving all legal papers issued by courts and attorneys to citizens of Campbell County. As many of these processes can result in the “attachment” of personal property in order to satisfy debts as well as the legal “eviction” of tenants for landlords that have properly used the court process to effect the eviction, they are quite time-consuming. At times the personal property that has been “attached” must be sold at a Sheriff’s Auction to satisfy the debt owed. This function is responsible for the auction requirements.
  • assisting with the accreditation efforts of the department.  The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office is a state accredited agency through the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC). VLEPSC issues 187 professional standards that agencies must prove compliance with in order to maintain their accredited status. The Sheriff’s Office was originally accredited in 1999, and has passed successfully thereafter.
  • performing and completing background investigations and testing processes for all applicants for employment with the Sheriff’s Office.
Process Services 2019

School Resource Officer Program/Crime Prevention/Community Relations

Led by Lt. Russ Glass


This function conducts the School Resource Program in the Campbell County Public Schools. 
School Resource Officer
The primary mission of the School Resource Officer is to create a partnership between the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and the Campbell County Public Schools. This program is intended to maintain a safe learning environment for our youth, to identify and prevent criminal activity through counseling and referral of delinquent behavior, and to promote positive relationships between students and law enforcement officers.

Lt. Russ Glass oversees the School Resource Officer program.

CCoSRO2019_20School Year
Crime Prevention/Community Relations
This function is also responsible for implementing and conducting crime prevention activities with the public. It administers the Neighborhood Watch Program. In addition, it conducts community relations functions to increase citizen awareness of the department’s operations.

Other Responsibilities

The Administrative Division is also responsible for the following functions:
  • Property/Evidence: Maintains physical custody and associated records of all evidence and found, recovered, or seized property. In addition, this function orders and issues equipment and supplies utilized within the agency.
  • Training: This function coordinates the training requirements of all personnel, maintains training records, and schedules attendance in various training classes for personnel.
  • Fleet Management: This function is responsible for the ordering of patrol vehicles and all associated equipment. Further, maintenance issues are monitored and scheduled for repair through this function as well as the required inspections of the fleet.
  • Grants: Procurement and monitoring of federal and state grants are accomplished within this Division.

Administrative Division Captain

Captain Sam Green was hired in March of 2004 as a Deputy Sheriff with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. 

Sam served the citizens of Campbell County as a field deputy until his promotion to Lieutenant in 2014.

Since then, Sam has further developed his skills, and accepted his most recent appointment as Captain of the Administrative Services Division, which became effective on January 1, 2020.