Administrative Services Division

This division is divided into five (5) functional areas which are:

  • Civil Processes;
  • Court Security;
  • County Code Enforcement;
  • Hiring and On-Boarding; and
  • Training and Development.

The Administrative Division is commanded by a Captain with three (3) Lieutenants, and two (2) Sergeants assisting.  This division also employs a part-time sworn deputy that provides mandatory inter-departmental trainings.

Captain Sam Green

Captain Sam Green was hired by former Sheriff Terry Gaddy as a field deputy in March, 2004.  During his time in the field division, he was promoted to Sergeant in 2009, and then former Sheriff Steve Hutcherson promoted him to Lieutenant in 2014. 

Throughout Sam's career with the Campbell County Sheriff's Office, he has received numerous awards for his work in the field division.  These include the Medal of Valor, Distinguished Service Award, Emergency Service Award, Lifesaving Award, Commendation Award, and lastly, the Meritorious Award.

Likewise, Sam was recognized as the recipient of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) Award for four (4) consecutive years for his arrests in keeping drunk drivers off Campbell County streets and roads, and keeping our children and teens safe. 

Sam also serves as an instructor at the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy, where he teaches general instruction, defensive tactics and firearms.  He is certified as a Taser Instructor and in Collapsible Baton instruction, and has been a certified Emergency Medical Technician for 30 years. Sam proudly serves as a member of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT). 

Sam was appointed as Captain of the Administrative Services Division on January 1, 2020 by Sheriff Whit Clark.  

Core Functions

This division is responsible for:

  • receiving, processing and serving all legal documents requiring Sheriff's service. As many of these processes can result in the “attachment” of personal property in order to satisfy debts as well as the legal “eviction” of tenants for landlords that have properly used the court process to effect the eviction, they are quite time-consuming. At times the personal property that has been “attached” must be sold at a Sheriff’s Auction to satisfy the debt owed. This function is responsible for the auction requirements.
  • performing and completing background investigations and testing processes for all applicants for employment with the Sheriff’s Office.
  • responding to all calls for service for violations of county codes.  The deputy works collaboratively with the County Administrator's Office, Community Development staff, Public Works staff, and the County Attorney to respond and facilitate assistance.
  • providing bailiffs to courts, transporting prisoners to and from court appointments, operate metal detectors and other security devices as required, as well as be present within court, when in session.  Likewise, a function of this divison is to ensure a full-time deputy is staged at the courthouse entrance to scan all individuals entering for weapons, and protect citizens and court employees against possible threats.
  • investigating concealed weapon permit applications, per the cod of Virginia.
  • coordinating the training and development for all personnel, maintaining records, and schedules, as well as creating a database of certifications for accreditation purposes.