Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are consistently needed to serve in the organizations that make up the public safety system. While it is understood that not everyone may be interested in performing the duties associated with emergency operations, volunteers are also needed for support and administrative roles as well.
Volunteer opportunities exist with Fire Departments and Rescue Squads.

As with any organization there are requirements that may have to be met before you can become an operational member.

When joining an emergency services (Fire and/or EMS) organization you will usually:
  • Complete an application form (PDF)
  • Attend an organization meeting and receive a vote on probationary or initial membership
  • Receive orientation and perform duties under supervision
  • Receive a vote on full membership after completion of a probationary period
  • Pass a background check
  • Receive appropriate training
  • Function as an observer until appropriate training is completed
Fire Departments
Volunteer fire opportunities exist for persons interested in firefighting, administrative and/or support roles. Training is provided. For Fire volunteer opportunities please call Public Safety at 434-332-9540.
Fire Truck in Action
Rescue Squads
Volunteer Rescue/EMS opportunities exist for persons interested in providing emergency patient care on an ambulance, administrative and/or support roles. For those interested, training is provided! For Rescue/EMS volunteer opportunities please call Public Safety at 434-332-9540.
EMS in action
Volunteer Application
To volunteer, please complete and submit an application (PDF) for consideration.  Once completed, you may submit your application by mail to Campbell County Public Safety, Attn: Frank Smith, P.O. Box 500, Rustburg, VA 24588; or by email.