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Waste Management & Recycling

Effective July 1, 2008, there are new hours of operation and guidelines regarding waste management in Campbell County.  These changes correspond with the implementation of the Livestock Road Regional Landfill, managed by the Region 2000 Services Authority


Transfer Sites

Campbell County operates nine transfer sites at which all County citizens (including the residents of Brookneal and Altavista) may deposit household waste at no charge.  Large, bulky items, such as appliances, mattresses and furniture, tires, televisions, and brush are to be brought to the Campbell County Livestock Road transfer site for disposal.

Gated Transfer Site Hours:

  • Altavista (6:30 AM until 9:00 PM) - 2352 Dearing Ford Rd, Altavista,  VA 24517
  • Campbell: (6:30 AM until 9:00 PM) - 427 Livestock Rd, Rustburg, VA  24588
  • Concord:  (6:30 AM until 9:00 PM) - 7525 Village Hwy, Concord, VA  24538
  • Evington: (6:30 AM until 9:00 PM) - 371 Evington Rd, Evington, VA  24550
  • Three Forks (6:30 AM until 9:00 PM) - 4150 Red House Rd, Rustburg, VA  24588

All other sites:  Open 24 hours / day

  • Brookneal - 97 Price Ave, Brookneal, VA  24528
  • Falling River - 11351 Red House Rd, Brookneal, VA  24528
  • Gladys - 90 School Rd, Gladys, VA  24554
  • Hodges - 4873 Marysville Rd, Altavista, VA  24517
Load Size, Brush and Yard Waste Code

Per County Code Chapter 12:

(i) Load Size. Residential debris hauled in any vehicle including commercial or employer-owned vehicles will be limited to the equivalent of a pickup truck bed of approximately 60 cubic feet per day. Any larger loads must be taken to the Region 2000 landfill.

(ii) Tires. County residents may dispose of eight (8) tires, in loads of up to four (4) tires at a time, at the Livestock Road Transfer Site only, at no charge within the same calendar year. All others must be taken to the Region 2000 Services Authority Landfill.

(iii) Brush and Yard Waste. County residents may dispose of an unlimited amount of brush and yard waste collected from their residences at the Livestock Road Transfer Site only. All commercial haulers of brush and yard waste must take their loads to the Region 2000 Services Authority Landfill unless they have negotiated a separate contractual arrangement with the County Director of Public Works.

 Additional restrictions may be found in Chapter 12 (Garbage, Refuse, and Weeds) of the Campbell County Code.


Campbell County Landfill Center

427 Livestock Rd
Rustburg, VA  24588

Normally, an attendant is on-site at all times.

Hours of Operation

  • Year-round:  Daily, 6:30AM until 9:00 PM

Permitted Items

  • Bagged household waste
  • Residential homeowner improvement projects construction and demolition waste (No shingles are allowed, at any time.)
  • Latex paint (Dried with sawdust or cat litter) 

Prohibited Items

  • Regulated hazardous material
  • Pesticide containers that are not cleaned, crushed, and opened
  • Drums that are not emptied, cleaned, and opened 
  • Gas tanks and cylinders
  • PCB or Dioxin containing solid waste
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Shingles (Must be taken to the Livestock Road Regional Landfill)
  • Deceased animals (Must be taken to the Livestock Road Regional Landfill)

Commercial Refuse

  • All commercial refuse, regardless of business size, must be deposited at the Livestock Road Regional Landfill. 


Complaints or concerns? Call the County Administrator's Office at (434) 332-9500.