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Campbell County Sheriff's Office
The Campbell County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement service throughout Campbell County, including the towns of  Altavista and Brookneal. The Sheriff's Office is dedicated to protecting the life and property of County residents and to safeguarding each citizen's constitutional rights.  It carries out its law enforcement duties based on the mutual respect and shared responsibility of the citizens it serves. The Campbell County Sheriff's Office has attained Accreditation Status from the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Services Commission. In addition to law enforcement, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for courtroom security, enforcement of county ordinances and service of civil process and criminal warrants.

The Office also provides School Resource Officers in each of the county's high and middle schools. These officers are a resource to the faculty and students and instruct on topics such as drug abuse, laws of Virginia and safe internet surfing.  The Office is an active member in Central Virginia Crime Stoppers.  The Sheriff's Office places particular emphasis on the enforcement of drug and alcohol laws. Citizens and the Sheriff's Office work together in Neighborhood Watch programs in many areas of the County.  Businesses in the area can likewise participate in the Business Watch program. 

The Sheriff's Office is also a member of Project Lifesaver, which is an innovative rapid response program aiding victims and families from Alzheimer's Disease, and similar disorders, such as Down Syndrome and Autism.  Project Lifesaver deploys specially trained teams with the most reliable technology available to locate and return wandering adults and children to their families and care givers.  

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