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Central Purchasing
(434) 332-9566
P.O. Box 100
Rustburg VA 24588

The following IFBs, RFPs and RFQ's are available to interested firms.

Information about bids and proposals may be downloaded by clicking on the underlined IFB/RFP/RFQ Number listed below.  You may also obtain a copy by calling Central Purchasing or by e-mail. Please reference the IFB/RFP/RFQ Number when contacting us so that we may better serve you.

All bidders that download documents from this website take the full responsibility for checking this site for any subsequent date changes or addenda. The County takes no responsibility for informing potential bidders who download documents of changes to original documents.

All bids, proposals and quotes must be received in the Central Purchasing Office at:

Haberer Building, First Floor 
47 Courthouse Lane
Rustburg, Virginia 24588

Bids, proposals and quotes must be received prior to the specified date and time, based on the time clock in the Purchasing office. Electronic, facsimile, or verbal submittals are not acceptable for sealed bids and proposals. Requests for Quotations may be submitted by e-mail or fax if so noted in the description column.


Current Bids

Bid Closing Date & Time


CCADM 001-FY15 Cover Page Thursday August 14

Central Purchasing


CCADM 001-FY15 Haberer Building HVAC 2:00 p.m.

Haberer Building

First Floor

CCADM 030 FY14 COVER PAGE Friday August 1 Central Purchasing Office
2:00 p.m.

Haberer Building

First Floor

CCADM 030 FY14 TIMBROOK LIBRARY Mandatory Pre Bid Conference Citizen Services Building
Tuesday July 8 Conference Room
10:00 a.m. 85 Carden Ln
CCADM 022-FY14 Cover page

Bid Closing Date

Thursday July 24

Central Purchasing Office
CCADM 022-FY14 Auditing Services 2:00 p.m.

Haberer Building

 First Floor

CCADM 023-FY-14 CCPS Cover Page Wednesday
CCADM 023-FY14 CCPS Food Bid July 16 Central Purchasing
CCADM 023-FY14 CCPS Food Bid Schedule I - Canned Goods and Staples 3:00 p.m. Office
CCADM 023-FY14 CCPS Food Bid Schedule II- Frozen Foods Haberer Building
CCADM 023-FY14 CCPS Food Bid Schedule III-Paper and Cleaning Supplies First Floor
CCADM 024-FY14 Cover Page Tuesday July 15

Central Purchasing


CCADM 024-FY14 ACS Tennis Courts 2:00 p.m.

Haberer Building

First Floor

CCADM 026-FY14 Cover Page Wednesday June 25 Central Purchasing Office
CCADM 026-FY14 RFP Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Billings 2:00 p.m.

Haberer Building

First Floor


IFB/RFP  Number




CCADM 029-FY14 CCPS Fuel & Gasoline 07/15/14

Foster Fuels, Inc

Brookneal, VA

CCADM 028-FY14 Gasoline Cards 07/15/14

Workman Oil Company

Forest, VA

RFQ 020-FY14 Child Care Quality Initiative Services 06/16/14

Presbyterian Homes & Family Services, Inc

Lynchburg, VA

RFQ 025-FY14


T-Shirt/Golf Shirts


Waller Brothers

Trophy Shoppe, Inc.

Nathalie, VA

CCADM 012-FY14

Rustburg Rescue Building Renovations


Piney Ridge Contracting & Consulting, Inc.

Appomattox, VA

CCADM 017-FY14 Mechanical Maintance and Fire Alarm 06/16/14

Southern Air, Lynchburg, VA

Hudson-Payne Electronics Corp, Madison Heights, VA

CCADM 016-FY14

Elevator Maintenance


Thyssenkrupp Elevator

Roanoke, VA

CCADM 009-FY14

Building Inspection Software



Boston, MA