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Effective July 1, 2014, Campbell County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will implement a new collection process.
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Campbell County Public Safety advises citizens on fire safety tips for all seasons.
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Campbell County provides extensive preparedness resources, templates and safety information for residents.
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Public Safety
(434) 332-9540
P.O. Box 500
Rustburg VA 24588

Crisis Information Dissemination 

In the event of a large scale crisis, public information and safety instructions will be disseminated through the following venues: 

Email Notifications

Campbell County provides a free email notification service for citizens through a Google Groups on-line tool.  Residents may register for Emergency Notifications and County updates by clicking here.   

Webpage Postings

Citizen updates during a local emergency will likewise be posted directly to the County's homepage  as well as to the Public Safety Emergency Preparedness Page (Emergency Alerts).

Phone Lines

If phone lines are operational, citizens may call the following Public Safety non-emergency numbers for safety-related information:

(434) 332-9540, 283-9540, or 592-9540 -office - Monday - Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

(434) 332-9574, 283-9574,  592-9574 - non-emergency communication center, 24 hours a day.

Note: Citizens are advised to keep a simple, non-electrical phone which can be plugged into a phone jack for continued telephone communications during power outages that persist for extended periods.

Residents are also encouraged to make note of their surroundings as well as the physical addresses of locations they frequent. This information will be crucial if calling 911 for emergency aid, especially from cell phones.     

Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Emergency Notification (Land-Line Call) Systems

The Emergency Alert System, a mechanism that broadcasts crisis information over television and radio waves, will be activated should a major, local catastrophe occur.  In cases of evacuation or extreme emergency situations, Campbell County will also use the Emergency Notification landline system to call any residence in imminent danger or possibly in the path of a significant disaster (if phone lines are operational). Please note that this feature does not include cell phone numbers, thus it is recommended that citizens register for email notifications and plan additional methods of receiving emergency notices/information.

Media Announcements/Press Releases

Residents should tune in to media broadcasts and refer to news publications for status reports, safety messages, and emergency instructions.  Citizens are likewise reminded to have a NOAA all-weather radio on-hand at all times (with extra batteries in case of power outages).  Media agencies within the region will receive regular press releases/advisories pertaining to public safety measures.  Local media outlets include:  

 Television Stations

  • WSET 13
  • WDBJ 7
  • WSLS 10

Radio Stations

  • WKDE 105.5 
  • iHeartMedia (WSNV, WROV, WSFF, WJJS, WYYD)
  • Mel Wheeler Inc. (WLNI, WXLK, WFIR, WSLC, WSLQ, WVBE) 
  • WVTF (Virginia Public Radio)
  • WAKG (Danville)
  • Spirit FM
  • Equip FM

and various other stations in the area.  


  • News and Advance (daily paper)
  • Altavista Journal (weekly paper)
  • Union Star (weekly paper)

Fixed Information Points

Should wide-spread power outages impact the area and limit exposure to electronic-based information, updates will be consistently disbursed (via flyers or verbal communications) at Campbell County Fire Departments and Emergency/Rescue Squad facilities. Public messages will likewise be conveyed/displayed at Campbell County library sites. Please note that public safety officials will strategically activate these information points based on local communication needs and proximity to impacted areas.  

The following sites may serve as information distribution points in the event of significant, enduring power-outages or other crisis which may limit communications:

 Fire Departments

Altavista Volunteer Fire Department 1280 Main Street Altavista VA 24517
Brookneal Volunteer Fire Department 103 Wickcliffe Ave Brookneal VA 24528
Brookville/Timberlake  Volunteer Fire Department 3640 Waterlick Road Forest VA 24551
Concord Volunteer Fire Department 1257 Richmond Highway Concord VA 24538
Evington Volunteer Fire Department  10624 Colonial Highway Evington VA 24550
Gladys Volunteer Fire Department 8577 Brookneal Highway Gladys VA 24554
Lyn-Dan Heights Volunteer Fire Department  578 Lawyers Road Lynchburg VA 24501
Rustburg Volunteer Fire Department 697 Village Highway Rustburg VA 24588
Red House Volunteer Fire Department 9467 Red House Road Red House VA 23963

Emergency/Rescue Squad Facilities 


Altavista Rescue 1510 Main Street Altavista VA 24517
Brookneal Rescue 1104 Lynchburg Avenue Brookneal VA 24528
Campbell County Rescue 155 Rainbow Forest Drive Lynchburg VA 24502
Citizens Rescue 8553 Brookneal Highway Gladys VA 24554
Concord Rescue 12605 Richmond Highway Concord VA 24538
Rustburg Rescue 238 Village Highway Rustburg VA 24588

Note:  As volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Squads may be actively engaged throughout the duration of a large crisis, fixed information points will be  established on-site in a manner as to not disrupt emergency operations.  Residents are reminded to be aware of designated parking areas and pedestrian traffic paths when accessing emergency service facilities. 

Campbell County Libraries

Main Library - Rustburg, 684 Village Highway, Rustburg, VA 24588, (434) 332-9560, 283-9560, or 592-9560

Patrick Henry Memorial Library, 204 Lynchburg Avenue, Brookneal, VA 24538, (434) 376-3363

Staunton River Memorial Library, 500 Washington Street, Altavista, VA 24517, (434) 369-5140

Timbrook Library, 21039 Timberlake Road,  Lynchburg, VA  24502,  (434) 239-1190 (Southwood Shopping Plaza)



Campbell County Communications and Public Information

Campbell County Department of Public Safety