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Applicant Questionnaire - Help Us Learn More About You!

  1. Tell Us About YOU


    We're glad you're here and we want to get to know a little more about you, what you value, your work style and what experiences you bring to the table. So relax, take a few moments and fill in your honest answers below.

    Do your best, but we're not so much worried about spelling and grammar. We want to learn what sparks your heart and if it aligns with what sparks ours - serving others to the best of our abilities.  

    Thanks for considering us - let's get started!  

  3. What's your name?  Your preferred name?

  4. Nice to meet you!

  5. What's the Best Way to Contact You?
  6. Value Wheel
  7. Core Values

    The graphic to the left shows our core values, which are the heart of our operations and decisions.  They include: 

    • Trustworthiness,

    • Openness,

    • The Highest Ethics,

    • Efficient Stewardship,

    • Knowledge,

    • Collaboration,

    • Service and at the center,

    • People.

  8. What Do You Value?

    Please explain in just a couple sentences which of these values are important to you and why?

  9. Life Hacks

    We bet you've learned a lot over the years.  What is one key thing you've learned from your work or school experiences that has made things easier for you ever since?

  10. Look What I Can Do!

    What work skills are you most proud of?

  11. Keep Going - We Can't Wait To Read More!

  12. Work In Progress

    In what areas do you say, "Geez, I wish I knew more about [Insert area here]!" ?

  13. Time to Wind Down

    What are your hobbies and interests?  What do you do in your spare time?

  14. By The Way, You're Doing Great!  Just a Few More Questions To Go!

  15. Growing Pains

    Ooooops!  We've all made a few mistakes in our careers.  Please briefly tell us about one of yours and how you corrected or learned from it!

  16. We're The Best....We Think!

    We think we're a very special team, but what made Campbell County stand out to you as a good place to seek a job?

  17. Lead, Follow, Lead AND Follow, or Lead OR Follow?

    Sometimes it's important to lead; other times, it's best to follow. Please tell us about a time when you had to lead or follow.  Which do you prefer?

  18. You Seem Pretty Awesome Already - Please, Tell Us More!

  19. Dream Big! 

    If you could have your dream job, what would it be and why?

  20. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work...Or Does It?

    Some work better in a team, and some better alone.  Which do you prefer and why?

  21. You Oughta Know...

    Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?

  22. Press Submit - You're All Done! Yay, You Made It! 

    Thank You For Sharing YOU With Us!  

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