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Posted on: September 12, 2023

Public Works Uses Teamwork to Create Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly Parking Solution

Parking Solution News Flash

RUSTBURG, VA - Guests visiting the Historic Presbyterian Church in Rustburg have probably noticed the moving of dirt as a construction project has been underway.  The historic building, which currently houses Campbell County Recreation Department, is under renovations and shared a parking lot with Rustburg Volunteer Fire Department, which limited the amount of parking spaces they could use.  So, Campbell County Public Works staff set about developing a creative solution to solve the issue, add to the historic aesthetic but also be environmentally mindful.

The Department of Public Works consulted with other local departments, including County Administration and Community Development, to design and install a 4,500 square foot permeable paver parking lot. Not only will this provide parking for about 10-12 vehicles, the permeable pavers rest on top of a stone reservoir which captures, stores and slowly releases stormwater during rain events. This type of design allows us to create necessary parking while also being environmentally conscious.

"This project embraced the 'DIY' attitude in every single aspect," noted Brian Stokes, Director of Public Works.  "Considering the teamwork used to design this, and the labor in installation, this is a cost-effective solution to resolve an issue that also meets the aesthetic of a beautiful historic space."  

Stokes also noted that several employees had a hand in these efforts; for instance, it was designed by Deputy County Administrator, Clif Tweedy, the environmental compliance review was completed through a collaborative effort between himself and Sean Fitzgibbons in Community Development, and then construction and logistics performed by Daniel Womack, not to mention all the hands who grabbed shovels to help move dirt, rake rocks into formation, and shift pavers into place.

For more information, please visit, or contact the Department of Public Works at (434) 332-9528.

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