VIEW Supportive Services

Supportive services may be provided to remove barriers to the individual's participation and to stabilize employment. Supportive services may be provided for as long as the participant is in a VIEW activity, including full or part time employment, and the TANF case is open. If employed, a participant may be eligible for transitional supportive services once the TANF case is closed. 

There are various types of VIEW supportive services that the local agency may provide directly or can purchase. All supportive services are subject to change depending on funding and at the discretion of the VIEW Worker and Employment Services Supervisor. The supportive services provided to VIEW participants are based on VIEW activity.

These services are:

If you are currently enrolled in the VIEW program and have questions regarding supportive services, please contact your VIEW Worker.

Savannah Reynolds(434) 332-9725Savannah.Reynolds@DSS.Virginia.Gov 
Bethany Strange(434) 332-9726Bethany.Strange@DSS.Virginia.Gov 
Kaylena Crabtree(434) 332-9767K.Crabtree@DSS.Virginia.Gov 

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