COVID 19 CARES ACT Business Reimbursement Grant

Campbell County Is Now Accepting Grant Applications from Businesses Affected by COVID-19 

 cares act grantThe Campbell County Board of Supervisors earmarked $1M in federally-issued CARES Act funds to offer as reimbursement grants for local businesses that incurred expenses related to COVID-19.

Campbell County businesses who meet eligibility criteria may apply for reimbursement funds via an online grant application. Requests for grant awards will be considered on a case-by-case basis contingent on documentation of adverse impact and need.

Those interested may fill out and submit the Grant Application. Please also carefully read the CARES ACT Funding Guidelines prior to applying for funding. 

Campbell County’s internal COVID-19 Finance Team will review applications and make award recommendations, continuing as long as allocated resources remain available.

 Applicants are reminded that grant criteria limits the scope of funding use:

  • Funds must be used for actual COVID-19 expenses related directly to the public health crisis (i.e. cleaning supplies, masks for employees, plexi-glass installation, hand-sanitizer, etc.) Grant funding does not cover loss of revenue or reimbursement for tax payments.
  • UPDATE: CARES Act Funding has now been extended - new deadlines for grant submissions will be provided as soon as possible.  In addition, permissible reimbursement expenses may change as CDC guidelines change moving forward.  (For example: expense reimbursements are currently permitted for facemasks, however if the CDC were to advise that masks are no longer necessary, then from that date of guidance change, costs for masks would no longer be reimbursed by the CARES Act.  It is important to note using the example above, if masks we purchased in January of this year when the CDC still advised mask usage, then those expenses would be reimbursed through the CARES Act.)   
  • Reimbursable expenses must have been incurred between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021. 
  • Copies of dated receipts and a completed W-9 form must be submitted with the application to be considered.
  • All invoices must be clearly marked as to what expenses should be considered by committee for reimbursement; expenses not identified on invoices will not be considered.

To be eligible, the business must:

  • be independently owned; corporately owned national chains are not eligible for the grant unless they are an individually owned franchise.
  • hold an active business license in Campbell County;
  • be in good standing on state/local taxes;
  • be physically located in Campbell County;
  • have been in operation since 2019.