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Campbell County Roadside Gardens

Cultivating our community through successfully enhancing environmental design.

It all sprouts from a really good plan.

In 2012, the Campbell County Board of Supervisors approved a countywide initiative to allow individuals and businesses a mechanism to sponsor and develop gardens in VDOT right-of-ways.

These simple beautification projects not only improve the aesthetics along our highway corridors, they also help to enhance the places we live, work and visit daily. Our collective goal is to make Campbell County a welcoming, inviting locality, all while integrating natural design into its expansive roadways.

Plant The Seed

Sponsoring a garden is simple. There are multiple preliminary sites available throughout the locality for sponsorship. Our staff is pleased to work with you to design and develop the garden of your choosing in accordance with established VDOT regulations. Like a breath of fresh air, your sponsored garden will enhance the community, welcoming citizens and visitors alike, as only nature can.

Sow Your Brand

Once developed, your may incorporate your company or organization name or logo into the design of your garden space, which may tie in with other advertising alternatives, cementing your brand. In addition, your company or organization will also be listed on our locality’s website, which we can hyperlink to your website address.

Reap The Benefits

The Roadside Garden Plan provides a positive outlet for businesses and individuals alike to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors through these simple, but beautiful landscape projects. When citizens and travelers see your beautiful garden spaces, they will be left with a favorable impression of both our County and your organization, knowing that you care about not only the appearance but also the success of our home and community.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or designing a garden space, please contact:
  • Campbell County Department of Economic Development
    Phone: 434-332-9595
  • Campbell County Department of Public and Employee Relations
    Phone: 434-332-9818