Public Water Line Expansion / Special Tax District

A possibility is the extension of the Campbell County Utilities and Service Authority’s (CCUSA) public water line to the Evington area. This expansion of potentially 123 connections (72 in Phase I; 51 in Phase II—with fire protection) would involve creating a special tax district specifically for the citizens in the proposed water-line expansion area to cover expenses associated with water line development.

According to County guidelines, to consider establishing a special water service and tax district there must be an evident water emergency in a community, with at least 50 properties having habitable dwellings/structures that use water. Developed properties (those with habitable dwellings/structures with plumbing) within these designated areas are the only ones being considered for inclusion in the project at this time; owners of these properties would be the only citizens included in the petition survey and would likewise be the only land owners affected by a special water line tax, if implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions
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To which properties would a water line expansion and special tax district apply?
The water line tax would only apply to land plots with a habitable dwelling (or structures requiring access to drinking water) or to any future development with potable water needs within the specified taxation/extended water service area. The water line extension area (Phase I and Phase II) covers 123 developed properties (those with plumbing) in the Evington area including those on Evington Road, Church Lane and Berkeley Lane.