Planning Commission

The Campbell County Planning Commission consists of seven members, one appointed for each electoral district. 

Virginia law [Section 15.2-2210] mandates that every locality must have a Planning Commission. The purpose of the Planning Commission is to serve as a liaison between the public and the Board of Supervisors, serving as advisors to the elected governing body.

The Campbell County Planning Commission is charged with reviewing and advising the Board of Supervisors on the following matters:

• Comprehensive Plan updates
• Proposed changes to the subdivision and zoning ordinances
• Rezoning and special use permit requests

In addition, the Campbell County Planning Commission serves as the Board of Supervisors’ authorized agent to review and approve plats. 

Meeting agendas and minutes are available on this website in the Agenda Center. Information about public hearings can be found on the Public Hearings page. 

The Zoning and Subdivision Administrator can be reached at 434-332-9780 or by email.

Meeting Schedule

The Planning Commission generally meets every fourth Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Board Room of the Haberer Building, located at 47 Courthouse Lane, Rustburg.

2019 Planning Commission

District Contact Information Expiration of Term
Altavista Patrick H. Tweedy
​4406 Tardy Mountain Rd
​Lynch Station, VA 24571
​(434) 369-4138 (home)
Brookneal Dean B. Monroe
​14286 Brookneal Hwy
​Gladys, VA 24554
​(434) 942-0515 (home)
Concord Megan Wright; Vice Chairman
​60 Light Drive
​Concord, VA 24538
​(434) 426-6711 (home)
Rustburg Michael S. Condrey
​2051 Rocky Rd
​Rustburg, VA 24588
​(434) 515-3603 (home)
Spring Hill K. William Kirk, Secretary
​141 Sherbrooke Dr
​Lynchburg, VA 24502
​(434) 239-9181 (home)
Sunburst Dean P. Cumbo, Chairman
​451 Tanglewood Dr
​Lynchburg, VA 24502
​(434) 219-0654 (home)
Timberlake George Bondurant, III
​90 Horseman Dr
​Lynchburg, VA 24502
​(434) 316-3187 (cell)
​(434) 386-4082 (work) (personal) (work)
Board Member Representative James Borland
​200 Russell Woods Dr
​Lynchburg, VA 24502
​(434) 851-8882 (home)