Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division provides intensive follow-up investigation of those crimes which are not resolved during the initial response to the call for service. It utilizes current state-of-the-art techniques and procedures to make a maximum effort to solve (clear) reported crimes. It also focuses on specialized crime areas such as organized crime, vice, controlled substance abuse, and intelligence activities.

The division includes investigations of:

Crimes Against the Person
This function is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of crimes committed against people such as robbery, rape, and murder.

Property Crimes

 This function is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of crimes committed against property such as burglary, destruction of property, arson, and larceny.

White Collar Crime
This function is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of "white-collar" crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, and bad checks.

Internal Affairs

This function is responsible for conducting Internal Affairs Investigations through direction of the Sheriff.

Applicant Investigation
This function performs background investigations and other testing for applicants for employment with the Campbell County Sheriff's Office.
Identification/Evidence Recovery
This function is responsible for the collection and preservation of all evidence collected from crime scenes.
Evidence Processing and Collection
Narcotics Unit
This unit is responsible for investigation and prosecution of all narcotic-related offenses. It conducts covert and overt operations in performing these functions.

Special Investigations
This is the organized Crime Component and is assigned the detection, investigation, and prosecution of groups of persons involved in organized illegal activities. This function also performs the intelligence function. This function gathers and disseminates information regarding criminal activity.

Criminal Investigations Division Captain

Capt. Dwayne Wade was hired in October 1994 as a Deputy Sheriff with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

In 1996, Wade became a member of the Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) as an Entry Team Member and as Assistant Team Leader. He served on the Special Response Team for 15 years. 
Dwayne Wade 2016
In April 1998, Wade was promoted to the rank of Investigator. During his tenure in the Criminal Investigators Division, he has served as a general Investigator and as a narcotics Investigator.

He has served as a Task Force Officer on both the ATF and Virginia State Police Task Forces. He is a graduate of the Virginia Forensic Science Academy.

On April 1, 2016, Wade was appointed as the Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division.

Wade has one daughter and resides in the Timberlake area of Campbell County.