The General Registrar's office is a permanent location for voter registration, in-person absentee voting, obtaining information on candidates and referenda and other voting related information.

The Registrar is responsible for all candidate filings and the maintenance of these records; providing all precincts with accurate facilities to vote and training of election officials to work the polls; recording and reporting the results of elections.

June 2017 Primary

State Board of Elections Issues Order Calling Primaries

The Virginia Board of Elections has issued an official notice of an Order Calling Primaries. It states that there will be a primary election in Campbell County on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, for the nomination of a candidate for the Democratic and Republican parties for the offices of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, members of the Virginia House of Delegates, and constitutional and local offices.

Should only one candidate qualify for the primary ballot in any office, then no primary for that office will be held.

Official Election Notice

To see Virginia’s official notice of an election to be conducted in the Commonwealth of Virginia on June 13, 2017, go to the Virginia Department of Elections website.