The Zoning office investigates certain complaints while other issues may be handled by other departments.

It is best to call the responsible office directly to file a complaint or to get information.

Common issues that Campbell County does not regulate unless hazardous, a public safety issue, or a nuisance:
  • Unsightly conditions
  • High grass
Typical Complaint Issues & the Responsible Departments
  • Inoperable or 'junk' cars
  • Hazardous conditions
  • Noise or odor
  • General public safety or nuisances
  • More than 5 junk cars that cannot be economically restored
  • Manufactured home used as storage
  • Multiple manufactured homes on a lot
  • Non-conforming use of a structure or land
Building Inspections
  • If you rent and have a complaint about conditions of your residence.
  • A building or structure is being built, or has been built, without a permit.
Campbell County has no maintenance regulations for buildings in poor condition or utilities that do not work; in other words, we cannot force homeowners to fix their houses. However, renters have rights to a safe and functioning living environment, and if a renter complains about these issues we will investigate.

Erosion & Sediment Control
  • An area 10,000 square feet or more that has been disturbed without a permit (excluding logging or agricultural)
  • Anytime sediment from cleared land is not being contained (excluding logging or agricultural)
Health Department
Well and septic issues