Requirements for Accessory Buildings & Structures

This form is for common secondary structures, such as storage sheds, detached garages, carports, swimming pools, etc. If you have a question about accessory buildings, please contact us. 

See the complete fee schedule (PDF) for fee information.


Required Information

You will need to complete a Building and Zoning Permit Application and provide the following documentation (as applicable):
  • Property owner
  • Provide name, address, and phone number.
  • Contractors
  • All contractors, including each one’s address and current Virginia License Number. Contractor Lookup
  • Plans

Most accessory buildings require structural details to determine wind and snow loads. Use the most applicable Structural Diagram (PDF) to sketch structural component information.

Storage Sheds


Under 256 Square Feet

You need a Zoning permit only. You will need to know the setbacks on the property to determine the distance from all property lines the structure will be located.

Greater than 256 Square Feet

You will need a Building and Zoning permit. Footings are required. Read the footing requirements (PDF).
Structural plans (from the manufacturer) or construction specifications are required to determine the wind and snow loads for the structure. Plan or design specification review is required by the Building Official. 
Zoning permits are free.



  • Pre-fabricated metal carports less than 900 square feet and less than 50 occupants require a Zoning permit only (no fee).
  • If a carport is greater than 900 square feet, has greater than 50 occupants, or if the carport is other than prefabricated metal (any size), a Building and Zoning permit is required.


All garages require a building permit.

Swimming Pool

A zoning permit is required for all swimming pools. In-ground and above-ground pools that are two feet deep or greater require a building permit.

You will need to complete a Building and Zoning Permit Application indicating who will be performing the work, the amount of land you are going to disturb, and the drawing indicating how far from each property line you are going to be. Please include all other buildings/structures that are currently located on your property as well as where the proposed structure is going. Any decking that will go around the pool must be included.
Fees are $50 for a pool permit, plus the state levy fee.