Community Development

Community Development Header Collage
Campbell County Department of Community Development:
  • Administers generalized planning functions and plan review
  • Maintains construction permits and inspections
  • Maintains land disturbing activities, zoning, subdivision of land, and plat and site plan review
  • Maintains the street name and numbering database
  • Updates the Comprehensive Plan
  1. Biosolids

    Browse updates and documents related to biosolids (sewage sludge) information.

  2. Building and Zoning Permit Application

    Page with information on how to obtain a Building and Zoning Permit Application.

  3. Building Permits & Inspections

    The Building Inspections Office is responsible for ensuring public health, safety, and welfare associated with the design, construction, and use of buildings.

  4. Comprehensive Plan

    The Commonwealth of Virginia requires local jurisdictions to prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan to be reviewed at least once every five years. A comprehensive plan takes into account the various trends affecting the physical development of the land within the jurisdiction.

  5. Erosion / Sediment Control & Stormwater Management

    Access documents related to the Code of Virginia's mandates on Stormwater Management.

  6. Forms & Documents

    We compiled building permits, forms and community development documents in one easy-to-find place.

  7. GIS and 911 Addressing

    GIS is a sophisticated computer system that links geographic information (where things are located) with descriptive information (what things are like).

  8. Redistricting Information

    The Board of Supervisors has approved a redistricting plan, that redraws the election districts and precincts, to conform with changes in population.

  9. Zoning, Planning, & Subdivisions

    The Zoning, Planning and Subdivision Office administers plans and ordinances intended to protect both individual property rights and the public's interest.